This exhibit project, gathers some of the most famous experiences from Colombian and Latin America, that has been produce from the polyphony of memories weaved with political and social sense: In the 1970´s the Chilean folklorist Violeta Parra, and subsequent from sackcloth workshops that were mainly formed in Santiago de Chile, sponsored by “Vicaria de la Solidaridad” during military coup. In the 1980´s in Peru the sackcloth workshop “Mujeres Creativas de Ayacucho” Emma Hilario, also presented textile as a language to demand, requiring truth and justice, and to make memory in the midst of armed conflict. In parallel, since 2004 in Colombia, women association called “Mujeres Tejiendo Sueños y Sabores de Paz” have opened with their hands, clothes and alternative needles to elaborate mourn, territory renewal and peace construction.

In this exhibit were best appreciated these experiences together with other regional, local, national and international processes, as a result of the efforts of Roberta Bacic, curator of the Conflict Textiles Collection, associate to the digital archive: Conflict Archive CAIN Ulster University of Northern Ireland, together with researcher Gabriele FRanger-Huhle from Regional Museum of Frauenkultur – International, Germany. Also having contact and interacting with experiences from Mexico, Ecuador y Colombia, through the project work team of Memory, Social Fabric and Mental Health.

Drive towards the consolidation of the weaving women national network for the memory and life, being carried out since March 2015 in alliance with “Universidad de Antioquia – Banco de Programas y Proyectos de Extension BUPPE, Facultad de Enfermería, – Asociación Campesina de Antioquia ACA y Museo Casa de la Memoria –Medellín City Hall.”