Although Colombian democracy regards to be the oldest and most celebrated in Latin America, the difference annihilation, and disregard for politic life alterity, are the genesis of violence and armed conflict. So much that in different history periods of our country, the chances for a stable and long lasting peace, have faded in failed negotiations and an upsurge of violence, given the intolerance and persistence of using arms in the political arena and power disputes.

This is the case of “Unión Patriótica” a political party founded in 1984 as a result of peace agreement with Colombian government, head of state Belisario Betancur and “FARC”, in order to end a long conflict that had bled dry the country during decades. Just one year after “Unión Patriótica” begun their political appearance, and succeed in some elections, unfortunately hampered by violent assassinations and persecutions cases to the leaders of the party. In a little less than six years, more than three thousand members of the political party, among which were presidential candidates, congressmen, deputies, mayors, councilman, and militants, were systematically murdered, as a brutal demonstration of rejection to different thinking and to values of a true democracy.

The exhibit as well as dignify, rebuild and value the role for democracy of those leaders and militants of “Unión Patriótica”, intends to exalt resistance against the oblivion by their family members, who through 25 albums made of memories and visual narratives, are presented in the museum, to make us reflect on what is essential about recognizing the other and respect for life, to build a true democracy and the realization of a stable and long lasting peace.

Exposiciones Museo Casa de la Memoria