Continuing with our calls in 2018 we will focus on the same Art and Reconciliation line.

“Deciding whether we are able to listen, to understand, forgive and build hand-in-hand with peers and opposing sides” (Cesar Lopez)

Main Objective: Explore and bring to light experiences or new forms of reconciliation in Medellin.

Justification: In this transition time in which we find ourselves as a society, and bearing in mind the difficulties we have to imagine and build peace, questions arise about the past that we have lived and the future we want, imagine and mold each day. Amidst fractured social fabrics, there is an urgent need to propose new ways of life, of finding ourselves, of feeling and speaking: reconciliation as the horizon, path and meeting point.

As it is a transition time, full of great social changes, we face the challenge of disarming the soul and the language, of questioning our imaginary, symbols, prejudices and strategies in the way we interact in various fields: personal, family, neighborhood, school, university, workplace, public and other.

More than a destination, reconciliation is a process that has to be lived day by day, generating these spaces for dialog, with ourselves and others, opening up the possibility of recognizing and valuing diversity; exploring the capacity we have to recognize our own responsibility, repair the damage and re-build the social fabric. In this sense, art “provides for individuals the possibility to travel directly toward the depths of the self, to explore oneself and, above all, recognize oneself” (Cesar Lopez), and it plays a major role in the transformation of realities and conflicts.

Cooking Lab Incentive to Promote Intercultural Dialogs

Objective: Generate a space for intercultural dialog through a cooking laboratory, to build social ties between immigrants and inhabitants of Medellin.

Incentive for the Development of a Creative Writing Workshop

Objective: Carry out a creative writing workshop for inquiry and reflection on reconciliation in the current urban and national context, using creative writing as a tool to create and shine a light on narratives and imaginaries related to reconciliation.

Incentive for the Construction of Audiovisual Testimonies

Objective: Contribute to the visibility and understanding of experiences related to reconciliation or restorative practices in Medellin, through the gathering of audiovisual testimonies.

Incentive for the Management of Audiovisual Testimonies

Objective: To contribute to the recognition, protection and safeguarding of public, private, community or institutional audio-visual collections associated to processes of reconciliation or restorative practices which have taken place in the city of Medellin.

Incentive for Artistic Creation

Objective: To create an art project to explore and examine reconciliation from its tense situations, challenges and opportunities, to contribute to the reflection on the practices and grammars of restoration.

Artistic Residence Incentive for Visual Artists

Objective: Develop an artistic residence in which, through experimentation, dialog, and visual arts, Medellin can be explored as the scene of reconciliation among the citizens.

Artistic Residence Incentive for Sound Artists

Objective: Develop an artistic residence in which, through experimentation, dialog, and sound arts, Medellin can be explored as the scene of reconciliation among the citizens.

Incentive for the Design and Implementation of a Community Experience of Mediation and/or Restorative Practices

Objective: To promote reconciliation scenarios through the development of community experiences of mediation and/or restorative practices.

Incentive for the Design and Implementation of a Learning Experience of Mediation and/or reconciliation strategies for Learning Environments

Objective: To promote reconciliation scenarios based on the development of a learning experience of mediation and/or reconciliation strategies for Learning Environments.

Incentive for the Creation of Digital Animation

Objective: Create a digital animation, to tell the experiences of reconciliation in Medellin and the Metropolitan Area.

Incentive for Reconciliation Dialogs Through Dance

Objective: To promote through dance and physical expression, a series of dialogs for reconciliation between groups of victims, people in the process of reintegration, ex-combatants, civil society and law enforcement.