I Defend Rights

Esta muestra invita al visitante a escuchar las motivaciones y sentimientos directamente de las voces de personas defensoras quienes trabajan a diario por construir un mejor país.

Giro E

(Español) De la búsqueda, el encuentro y las memorias de las víctimas de desaparición forzada
Exposición fotográfica virtual de Natalia Botero

The voice of hands

Current exhibition
What do we understand by reconciliation? How do we perceive it? In what scenarios is it lived and discussed?

Exposición - Museo Casa de la Memoria

Medellin: Violence and Resistance Memories

Long term exhibition
This exhibition features the history of Medellin different violence with versions narrated by various voices

Night of time

Noche del Tiempo [Night of time]
Dialogs between art and the CRAM (Memory Activation Resource Center in Spanish) archives.

(Español) MEDELLÍN|ES 70, 80, 90

¿La ciudad más violenta del mundo?, ¿el cartel de Medellín?, ¿Pablo Escobar?, ¿sicarios y narcos?, ¿limpieza social?, ¿esta es Medellín o qué Medellín(es) habitamos, vemos, sufrimos, recordamos y vivimos?

Grammars for Peace and Conflict

Peace Grammar and Conflict
An invitation to reconstruct collective history from the power of that which is human, interweaving narratives, lives and memories.

Geografías de la verdad

Truth Geographies

2017 – 2018
An exhibition about the research based on the Truth-Seeking Processes in Colombia and the world
*3D tour

Suecos Tiscornia

The Footprint Course

May 2017 – October 2017
Two exhibitions illustrating daily life in the Human Rights archives.

Museo Casa de la Memoria

Imaginaries, An Encounter In Time

Imaginaries, an encounter in time performances the winning proposals of the ” Life in peace Imaginaries” contest opened by the Museum in early 2016.

Narrativas - Museo Casa de la Memoria

Displacement Narratives

Displacement Narratives
This exhibition shows the way in which three communities, victims of massive intra-urban displacement in the district of San Cristobal, give new meaning to the words of their experience.

Peace! Believe to See

Peace! Believe to See
2015 – 2016
A tour of experiences and peace initiatives that have emerged from the civilian population and have become examples of social transformation at the community, local and national level.
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Exposición Museo Casa de la Memoria

More Than Two

2015 – 2016
This exhibition is a critical reflection from experience, seeking to open spaces for those who were in the war to listen and be heard.

Exposición - Museo Casa de la Memoria

A Living File

An exhibition that allows us to recover the memory of the armed conflict in Colombia based on the construction of Archives: documents, objects and memories.
*3D tour

Dis appearances

Dis appearance
Reconstruction of memories through images for a new national history

Exposición Museo Casa de la Memoria

Legacy for Democracy:  Visual Narratives by “Unión Patriotica”

This exhibition dignifies, rebuilds and appreciates the role played by leaders and militants of the UP in our democracy.

Museo Casa de la Memoria

Childhood Between Conflict and Hope

A place to discover and reflect on the testimonies of violence and resistance of children in the Colombian armed conflict.
*3D tour

Museo Casa de la Memoria

Weaving a Life

Polifonía de memorias tejidas con sentido social y político en Colombia y América Latina.

Exposición Colombia paraíso despojado

Colombia a Stripped Paradise

2015 – 2016
Una muestra que rinde homenaje a esos millones de seres anónimos, desplazados, despojados, resistentes, que tuvieron que abandonar su tierra.