Our boys and girls from the authenticity of their acts, have taught us that is possible to transform hopeless in a promissory life. Even in the middle of a long history of conflict and violence in Colombia, children have been protagonists of resilience.

This exhibit is a voyage through time, by the hand of the child inside us, invites us to recognize the damaged childhood voices, encourage people to meet with others, and motivate us to build creative acts and daily practices to shift the present and shape the future.

The exhibit for you, for me and for all. Childhood between conflict and hope is a place to learn and reflect about violence and resilience testimonies by infancy in the armed conflict in Colombia. Seeks to make expressions possible, as the story telling and the voice of children and teens through history and the particularity of the damaged suffered. Offers an invitation to recognize the infant capacity to solve its own questions and enigmas about their surroundings, the power to transform from fantasy and their own experiences, the spontaneous ways to restore ties, their capacity to create social link, and generate creative proposals for a change and transformation of our future.

In this exhibit, the public is invited to concern in particular with the position of those children whose rights have been infringed, and deepen in the game of reminding our childhood to build hopeful stories.

By direct interaction with spots and didactic devices, people are motivated to let fantasy rule as the first step to transform reality.

Museo Casa de la Memoria